Distance Healing

Distance healing is a process where Katie holds you in love, light, grace and ease on a daily basis.  At some point every day you take a moment to affirm and receive, opening yourself to the blessings and grace that are waiting in your ethers.

Distance Healing is effective for any area of life:

  • health, wellness and vitality in body, mind and spirit
  • ease, flow, grace and abundance in your finances
  • harmony, love, compassion and joy in your relationships

You can opt to schedule a phone session with Katie if you are wanting wellness-lifestyle consulting in addition the the distance healing, or you can simply make the request for the healing. It is not necessary to clarify to Katie the area that you are wanting support with as the healing saturates every aspect of your being and allows for openings in all areas. Katie holds that your natural state of being is one of health, harmony, joy, ease and abundance. Distance Healing is based on remembering and aligning with this innate state.hands-and-light

Distance Healing is a powerful “suggestion”. The Healing comes from within you and as you grow stronger in your conviction of this positive vibrational state, vitality, joy and ease become the dominant experience and set beneficial momentum into your life. The tipping point of “obvious” Healing in the circumstances comes from holding a steady vibration of possibility, positivity and optimism. Katie assists by prepping the blessings and placing them in your ethers. Think of it as someone prepping, preparing and delivering a delicious meal; all you have to do is agree to eat and enjoy it.

How it works:

Initial Request for Healing-

The first time you request healing please email two photos:

  • 1 photo of yourself that brings you joy when you look at it; it can be from any point in your life
  • 1 photo of any image that brings you joy (bonus if it makes you laugh out loud)

The process to affirm and receive can be easy and efficient. Simply take a moment in the day to close your eyes, breathe and say to yourself, “I choose to receive all the blessings, grace, love, joy and beauty that are available to me.”

Your Financial Contribution: $22-$111 sliding scale (contributions made weekly through PayPal)


Your financial offering is an investment of your life force. You are validating that this process is effective. By making this exchange of energy you are demonstrating your belief that your natural state of being is one of ease, grace, love, harmony, abundance and vitality. You wouldn’t pay for something you didn’t believe effective. By investing, you amplify the efficacy of the healing in your own consciousness.

What to expect from Distance Healing… You may experience more relaxation, humor, joy and appreciation. The circumstance and conditions of the area of concern may not shift immediately, but experiencing less pain, suffering and discord will be the initial indication of a positive shift and the conditions will eventually follow. You will notice a sense of relief and ease around the topic that was of concern.

Request Healing for a Loved One

If your request for Healing is for a loved one you are welcome to send 2 photos for yourself and 2 photos for the individual. The blessings will be sent to both of you. Please inform the individual that the blessings and Healing are waiting in their ethers. We can not assert anything on anyone. It is a free will universe; the declaration of each individual to receive these blessings comes from within.