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Transformation, a Bold Choice

What does 2017 hold for you? As we embark into this new year, I am left with the desire to address the aspects of our life and world that are requesting healing. I will focus on the health and well being of your body and spirit but these principles hold true for all systems and […]

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Letting life pass you by… a good idea

Winter is associated with the Taoist 5 Element of Water.   The Water Element embodies qualities of deep, slow, dark, hibernation…    Winter time and the Holiday season when juxtaposed offer the perfect opportunity to ask: What if the frenzied pace of life is not something I want to keep up with?  Are you responding to your life […]

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The Art of Enough

  We all have a list, it’s a collective-cultural list: Not enough: time, money, health, love, sex…  To much: work, fat, information, emotion…  We pick and choose buffet style, if it’s not enough it’s too much.    How do we cultivate an experience of “enough” authentically, sincerely, not just “fake it till you make it”, […]

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I’m Back!

I have been playing “newsletter hooky”. After 6 years of writing a newsletter every 6 weeks (38 Newsletters) I took the summer solstice and the summer-fall cross quarter newsletter off.  It was liberating and fun for me to “break” my own self imposed rule of 8 newsletters a year. I was on vacation over the summer […]

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Creating a world I am proud to live in…

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.  Marianne Williamson We are bombarded with information and events of the world that leave us feeling overwhelmed and aching for collective and global […]

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