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Do Nothing…  Accomplish Everything! 

As we tip toward the summer season (the season of Joy in the Chinese 5 Elements) I would like to explore the productivity of FUN! Contemplate that just doing something -busy work- isn’t productivity.  In the doing of “nothing” we have the opportunity to BE, to stop, get quiet and feel flow. When we are […]

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Blessings… spring cleaning style

I spent a chunk of time earlier this spring clearing out my patient charts. It was a heart-warming process to reflect on y’all: to see the progression of my growth as a practitioner over the last 12 years and to feel a lot of love. I am mega blessed to do what I do, to […]

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Jumping the Tracks 

I think of eclipses as an opportunity to radically shift. If you find yourself in a habit pattern that feels like a rut I invite you to “jump the tracks” – find a whole new groove.    The lunar eclipses happens when the moon and the sun line up again as they did for the […]

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Graceful Evolution

As I move through “middle age” I am curious about the collective ideas unquestioningly ingrained that cognitive and physical decline are inevitable simply because time passes.  I recently heard Depak Chopra in an audio lecture say that only 1% of “aging”(cognitive and physical decline) is due to chronological age. I’m not sure how they figured this […]

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Joy IS the World!

  The base-line of this World is Well Being and Joy. It is easy to look around and create a “reality-story” that planet Earth &/or humanity is going to “hell in a hand basket” but as I scratch the surface of this story I am left with the profound, solid, unshakable awareness that good IS, […]

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