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The Endocrine Adventure… Hormonal Excellence!

  The endocrine system is an intricate information signal system, including glands and organs. Hormones are released from endocrine tissue into the bloodstream where they travel to target tissue and generate a response. Hormones regulate various human functions, including metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sleep, and mood. Leveraging the innate intelligence of your body is […]

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Dispel Lurking Pathogens-Restore Lost Health! Transform the cold & flu into a healing cleanse.

  Every time we “get sick” it is an opportunity for our body to cleanse out stored toxins. No one enjoys a cold or flu, sore throat, achy body and fatigue AND we have the opportunity to leverage this experience for health. Swollen glands in your throat are an opportunity to clear out your lymph […]

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Receive Resonation Acupuncture & Design a Personal Protocol for Winter Wellness

We are all different with our various strengths and tender areas, take the time now to carve out habits that will support you for a winter full of wellness! Before your acupuncture session we can explore the following topics to see what will fit your lifestyle and support you best: seasonal diet changes “super foods” […]

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