pajama day

We are at the pinnacle of darkness, today marks the longest night of the year. The holidays lay before us, and I encourage you to carve out hibernation time. Winter is our time, nature’s time, to hide, “return home” and rest. Boldly declare a “pajama day”.  This is a day where it is completely acceptable and celebrated for you and your loved ones to lounge around in your pajamas, eating yummy home cooked food, cozying up with warm beverages, reading, napping and resting. The classics of Chinese Medicine teach us to consolidate our energy in winter, becoming quieter, talking less and listening more. Winter is the time when the energy of the Kidneys predominates; the Kidney energy system is considered the root and foundation of the body’s energy. Taking the respite and deep nourishment that are too often neglected is pivotal to wellness. You owe it to yourself to truly revitalize in this season of rest. May you proudly and joyously claim at least one if not several pajama days over the next several weeks.


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